Employee Status and Payroll Change Report Book

By Speedy Publishing LLC

It will benefit both an employee and an employer to have an employee status and payroll change report book in many ways. For the employee it will help him or her maintain where they are in the company, it will help them realize where they should be, and maybe even help them approach management about pay increases or other issues. For the employer it will help him or her keep track of the employees, and who is paid what, and when there have been changes in pay. This can help retain employees who fall in the cracks otherwise.

Preparing Effective Business Plans: An Entrepreneurial Approach

By Bruce R. Barringer

This book is for the future entrepreneur who want to understand the critical issues and feasibility of developing a business venture, while developing and extensive business plan. Topics guide students through every step of the business plan process including feasibility analysis worksheets, creating a sample plan, and presenting a business plan. MARKET: For entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance with developing effective and compelling business plans.  

Al ritmo del dinero (Spanish Edition)

By Francisco del pozo

La economía está presente en la vida cotidiana de las personas. El autor describe con un lenguaje claro y ameno nuestras ambiciones e inquietudes laborales, de ahorro e inversión. Nos ofrece su particular visión sobre los riesgos de invertir en bolsa, vivienda o chiringuitos financieros. ¿Sabemos dónde metemos nuestro dinero? ¿Es mejor comprar o alquilar piso? ¿A dónde vamos? ¿Quién nos ha metido en esta crisis? La iniciativa y la creatividad individual nos ayudarán a capear mejor el temporal, pero con perseverancia.

Free Fall: A Late-in-Life Love Affair

By Rae Padilla Francoeur

At 55, Rae Padilla Francoeur had no idea that the most deeply fulfilling sexual relationship shed ever encounter was still to come.In her memoir, Free Fall, Francoeur discloses her discovery of a new love after nearly two decades in a relationship that wont end, despite her need and desire to move on. Francoeur succumbs entirely to the intensely physical and stimulating relationship she finds with this new man—allowing her body and mind to truly embrace pleasure and sexual desire—and shares intimate details of a love affair that changes everything, leading her to celebrate her sexuality and rediscover herself.Free fall, Francoeur says, is a choice: Let go. Be here now. Open up to the possibilities.Choosing to let go is a tall order for a woman whos lived her life as a single parent, a loving and attentive mate to a man with bipolar disorder, and a creative director in a busy museum—but when she finally succeeds in choosing herself, she views life anew, sensitized by sexual desire and dramatic change. Her new lover says, “Everything is foreplay.” With him, Francoeur learns to embrace her sexuality and the profound pleasure bodies bring, even as they age.

Social Justice and Gender Equality: Rethinking Development Strategies and Macroeconomic Policies (Routledge/UNRISD Research in Gender and Development)

From Routledge

The contributors to this edited volume explore the effects of various development strategies and associated macroeconomic policies on women’s well-being and progress towards gender equality. Detailed analyses of major UN reports on gender reveal the different approaches to assessing absolute and relative progress for women and the need to take into account the specifics of policy regimes when making such assessments. The book argues that neoliberal policies, especially the liberalization of trade and investment, make it difficult to close gender wage and earnings gaps, and new gender sensitive policies need to be devised. These and other issues are all examined in more detail in several gendered development histories of countries from Latin America and Asia.

The First-Time Manager

By Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick, Gary S. Topchik

Whats a rookie manager to do? Faced with new responsibilities, and in need of quick, dependable guidance, novice managers cant afford to learn by trial and error. The First-Time Manager is the answer, dispensing the bottom-line wisdom they need to succeed. A true management classic, the book covers essential topics such as hiring and firing, leadership, motivation, managing time, dealing with superiors, and much more. Written in an inviting and accessible style, the revised sixth edition includes new material on increasing employee engagement, encouraging innovation and initiative, helping team members optimize their talents, improving outcomes, and distinguishing oneself as a leader. Packed with immediately usable insight on everything from building a team environment to conducting performance appraisals, The First-Time Manager remains the ultimate guide for anyone starting his or her career in management.

Humanistic Perspectives on International Business and Management (Humanism in Business Series)

From Palgrave Macmillan

In Humanistic Perspectives on International Business and Management, the authors provide space to global perspectives on how we can rethink and reposition international business and management practice to be a part of the solution to our global problems. These contributions provide impetus for further research, practice and pedagogy development.

Smart Business for Contractors

By James M. Kramon

You are a contractor. You know your trade, and youre good at it. But what about the unique financial and legal concerns of running a construction business? Do you have the right tools for dealing with money and the law? Attorney Jim Kramon provides all the information you need to turn your hard work into greater financial security.

Theatre in Your Life

By Robert Barton, Annie McGregor

THEATRE IN YOUR LIFE makes theatre appreciation personal, meaningful, and memorable by exploring the many ways theatre plays an important role in everyday life. From movies, concerts, and videogames, to weddings, graduations, and job interviews, aspects of production and performance strongly influence popular culture and shape many of our daily experiences. THEATRE IN YOUR LIFE vividly illuminates these connections while providing a thorough introduction to the history, elements, and global diversity of theatre. Written in an enjoyable, conversational style, this innovative text will deepen your understanding and appreciation of theatre as you recognize and reflect on its impact on your life.

Food Truck Business: For Beginners! – The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Start Your Own Food Truck Business! (Food Truck, Passive Income, Truck Startup)

By Frank Rodgers

Food Truck Business For Beginners! – The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Start Your Own Food Truck Business! Starting your own business is a dream of many people. You can be your own boss, but only if you do it the right way, straight from the very beginning. One of the best business opportunities in today’s economy is starting a food truck business. This book will help you to kick-start your project successfully! This book can follow you along your business journey, during which it’ll help you tackle all kinds of problems. Not only will this book teach you how to start your own food truck business, it will also show you how to make it really profitable!