IVe Only Got One. . .: . . .But Its A Beauty!!

By Kean Turner

A true story Set in Halifax , West Yorkshire, England, the story begins in 1972 with the main character aged 6 years old. This true story is an enchanting tale of hope and chaos, where dreams and reality run parallel. With the power of a childs imagination the main character escapes reality wherever he can as his stable family life comes crashing down around him. His parents separate and he begins to rely on his imagination to make sense of a warring adult world. His over active imagination becomes his best friend as he flirts between reality and make believe, a place that offers protection from a crazy adult world of plastic teeth, indian brandy, smoking and girls that want to smother him in kisses. As easy as it is to make friends as it is to dream, he encounters other children that have their own way of getting by in the 1970s. One particular encounter teaches him a beautiful lesson, a lesson that stays with him throughout his life. . . . . the importance of laughter and of not taking life too serious. Will he be able to take the innocence and lessons learned as a child into his adult world as adversity knocks on his door in the form of cancer? Not once, but twice, first his mother is diagnosed with breast cancer and then his own introduction to testicular cancer. Witnessing a host of new emotions, he begins to rely on his oldest friends for support, his imagination and sense of humour. Eye opening and brutally honest . . . . . . . . this truly is an inspirational laugh out loud book of hope.

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