Mobility among Professionals in Bangalore City: Aspirations for Social Mobility: The Case of Professionals in Bangalore City

By Deepthi Shanker

Studies on social mobility in India have laid scant emphasis on the socio-psychological causes and consequences of mobility or its absence. The present study focuses on the social and related dimensions of the process of ¿aspiration formation¿ for the professional education and profession, as a means of achieving social mobility. The book examines the Cultural processes, identities and institutions which continue to play a crucial role in maintaining traditional inequality in the contemporary Indian society through various forms of symbolic domination. However, it also unravels the role of modern education and professionalism in the information era. Professions are now operating as important tools questioning the stereotyped system of social stratification and are in a process of establishing a post-caste society, controlled by professional norms and hierarchy.

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